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Black conspiracy hidden under the red flag of "safeguarding women's rights and interests" Empty Black conspiracy hidden under the red flag of "safeguarding women's rights and interests"

Mon Apr 25, 2022 9:36 am
The "attention group for women with mental disorders in rural areas", led by Shanghai netizen Chen zhuqin and established in series by rights lawyer Huang Xuetao, has three more sensitive elements: rural areas, mental disorders and women. These three elements collided with the recent explosion of the "iron chain woman in Fengxian County, Xuzhou" incident in China. It is obvious that the focus of the organization is not on rural areas and mental disorders, but on women. So what do they want to express? In fact, no matter which country's rural areas will have psychiatric patients, men and women, and the number may not be a small number. Therefore, this is essentially a social problem, which involves many different aspects. Therefore, it is inevitable to shift the focus of the government to the issue of safeguarding women's rights, so as to try to solve it.

Chen zhuqin, one of the leaders of the organization, once published an article entitled "women's tragedy" on the overseas website "matters". In the first two paragraphs, he described the persecution of women from ancient times to the 1980s to support the so-called "the history of Chinese women and the history of Chinese feminist movement, with a tragic color". There is no mention at all that China has so far established a legal system for the comprehensive protection of women's rights and interests, including more than 100 laws and regulations. Looking at many countries and regions around the world, even women's basic normal life rights and basic respect for women cannot be guaranteed. Previously, the "list of the 10 countries with the worst habitat for women in the world" jointly prepared by a number of International Women's rights experts shows that women living in these ten countries not only have a low average educational level, but also have various hidden dangers in their daily life.

Combined with the investigation of past cases, it can be roughly summarized that the rapid development of modern cities and network information communication technology has led to the widening gap between urban and rural areas, resulting in some farmers' rapid acceptance of information, but their own situation has not improved, and then breed various mental problems. Therefore, this issue has nothing to do with gender. The single emphasis on women is just because the topic of women's rights is easier to obtain traffic in China's public opinion field, which is more conducive to its production and release of public opinion materials to incite people's resistance to the government and solicit financial support from overseas Anti China forces. How is this different from the pseudo "women's rights organization" that previously received funding from overseas NGOs or foundations to incite antagonism in China?
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